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coaching that elevates careers

Sharon Erman specializes in working with singer/songwriters, as well as singers in the pop, country, musical theater, folk, and jazz genres. Her clientele consists of professional vocalists who are serious about elevating their careers and performance skills to their peak.





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madelyn paquette

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From my first lesson with Sharon, I was learning to stretch my vocal abilities beyond what was familiar and comfortable, and build technique that is a foundational part of my career today. Sharon helped me choose repertoire that both challenged me and highlighted my strengths. She also guided me with warm-ups, which taught me to recognize the varying daily conditions of my voice (high or low larynx, muscle tension, breathiness, etc), what I could do to “fix the problem,” get through uncharted material, and practice on my own. Sharon’s incredible knowledge of the science and anatomy of the voice made classes efficient and productive, and I felt empowered as a student to be in touch with my instrument.

Not only is she an extraordinary vocalist, but also a talented piano accompanist- she played along with me in genres including country, pop, jazz, soul, R&B and musical theater. A significant part of my story is songwriting, and Sharon was the first person to help cultivate this passion of mine. I brought my original songs to her every week to workshop, and it was through her that I learned what makes an exceptional song. It meant so much to have a teacher so willing and excited to explore any and all musical territory I was interested in. Lastly, Sharon never lets a student’s victories and successes go unnoticed- early on she acknowledged my vocal range and to this day encourages me to “use it!” whenever I can, as she always wants to see her students shine. After a decade, Sharon remains one of my favorite people and most valued, trusted mentors.

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zoe behrakis

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Sharon taught me how to strengthen my voice, and use it correctly - and I’m so thankful for that! Sharon is not only an amazing teacher, but she’s also someone I call my mentor. She’s always been there for me and guided me towards opportunities that would not have been available to me, if it weren’t for her! I love Sharon very very much and hope to always have her friendship and guidance!

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ryan herrick

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Her unique approach to voicework has transformed my voice and continues to do so to this day. Sharon's methodology wields an 'evergreen' quality, meaning that the techniques Sharon teaches will continue to grow and improve one's voice constantly and consistently; I'm living proof of it! Her extensive knowledge of the musculature and function of the vocal cords have aided my own sense of proprioception and informed me greatly in how I use, maintain, and train my voice as a music professional. 

Sharon has such an incredible way of tying the work back to the individual's goals and brings a breath of fresh air into the vulnerable world of singing. Sharon was the first one to tell me that anyone can sing well, and that 90% of it is just showing up. This mantra has changed my life in every way. Over the years, Sharon has also brought invaluable resources and music industry professionals to the table through her masterclasses, which range from songwriting to applied voice technique and beyond. I would not be able to call myself a full time, professional gigging singer-guitarist today if it weren't for Sharon's expertise, guiding light and inspiration. 

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henry patterson


This is only one piece of evidence that shows that Sharon cares for her students unlike any other voice teacher I’ve ever had, and she consistently brings warmth, energy, patience, and love to any space. She believed in me as a vocalist in the beginning, and that had a huge impact on my own confidence as I started singing. From the bottom of my heart, I could not recommend Sharon more as a vocal instructor, mentor, and friend.

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hayley giovinazzo


I love working with Sharon, she always has pushed me to challenge myself and my voice in the best way possible and has given me the confidence to pursue my own career in music. She believes in every one of her students and has a kindness that is infectious.

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naomi li


Her musical expertise is priceless. The warmups Sharon leads me in during our lessons have been a huge part of my growth so far and continually allow me access the full range of my voice as well as expand my range. She offers honest feedback and positive encouragement in every lesson and she adjusts the lessons based on what musical areas I want to focus on as a vocal artist and songwriter.

It is amazing how invested Sharon is in her students! I’m so grateful for the opportunities she’s sought out for me— from songwriting competitions to outside workshops, and even recording opportunities. I truly wouldn’t be the same singer without her. I’d recommend her in a heartbeat!

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